About us

Astro Space Center of P.N. Lebedev Physical Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ASC LPI) conducts fundamental research in the field of astrophysics, cosmology, including the studies of the structure and evolution of astronomical objects, interstellar and interplanetary space.
ASC LPI is engaged in the development of new ground and space astronomical instruments for fundamental astrophysical observations in various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Research topics:

  • Models of the early Universe and generation of primary disturbances
  • CMB radiation: anisotropy and polarization, reionization
  • The formation of the large-scale structure of the Universe
  • The internal structure of the dark matter halo
  • Exoplanet formation and accretion disks
  • Models of active galactic nuclei, quasars and their host galaxies
  • Astrophysics of black holes and wormholes
  • Stellar dynamics and gravitational lensing
  • Statistical and polarization Properties of giant radio pulses on ground telescope and RadioAstron space radio interferometer
  • The structure of the inner regions of galactic nuclei and quasars on milli- and microsecond angular scales
  • Star formation regions in the Galaxy based on the results of observations of thermal and maser radio emission of molecules