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Suffa (Uzbekistan)

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Moscow Branch
PRAO (Pushchino)
Department of Data Processing
The Data Processing Department (DPD) was founded at the ASC in 1991, with the primary goal of providing support for the Space VLBI project, Radioastron. Our main tasks are the development of digital equipment, data exchange and the development of computing and applied mathematical methods for the Radioastron mission.
The DPD has a staff of 16 scientists, mathematicians, computer engineers.
Department consists of a Computing Center, and three Research Laboratories. Head of Data Processing Department is Dr. Sergey F. Likhachev.
  • Computing Center.

  • The Computing Center provides the ASC with all its computational and networking needs, such as local access net, Internet connection, e-mail, data exchange and file exchange. The Center is also responsible for all the Radioastron mission data exchange, and Radioastron Master Data Base.
    Head of Computing Center is Alexander S. Pimakov.

  • Laboratory for Mathematical Methods (ASL Team)

  • The Laboratory was founded in 1992. The Laboratory develops new applied methods for VLBI imaging with specific emphasis and orientation towards SVLBI ( Radioastron mission). Currently, the main project at the Laboratory is the Astro Space Locator (ASL) for MS Windows. This is a major, new, highly sophisticated VLBI imaging, object-oriented software project.
    Head of Laboratory is PhD Sergey F. Likhachev.

  • Digital Equipment Laboratory.

  • The Laboratory was founded in 1996. Its main goal is the manufacturing and testing of the correlator for ground testing of the Radioastron antenna in Puschino. The Lab will be using the VLBA Correlator technology. Beyond that point the Laboratory manufactures sophisticated SVLBI Decoder used for decoding the various radio astronomy data obtained from Radioastron observations.
    Head of Laboratory is Konstantin G. Belousov.

  • Laboratory of astrometry and ballistics and navigation support

  • The Laboratory was founded in 1995.
    Research Activities:
    investigation for high-precision ballistics, geodynamics, celestial mechanics, fundamental astrometry using ground-space radiointerferometers.

    Main tasks of laboratory:
    Developing of mathematical models and software for our investigations.
    To solve these problems is necessary:
  • To develop the mathematical models and software of high-precision ballistics SRT
  • To develop the mathematical models and software for data processing on SGI for measurment geodynamics parameters and coordinates extragalactic and galactic radiosouces from astrometric observation with precision which appropriate microsecond precision of angular measurements.

  • Head of Laboratory is Yuri N. Ponomarev.