About ASC
ASC Projects:
Suffa (Uzbekistan)

ASC Divisions:
Moscow Branch
PRAO (Pushchino)
Department of Theoretical Astrophysics
Scientific research
  • Very Early Universe: inflation, generation of initial perturbations, reionization.
  • Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation: anisotropy and polarization
  • Large Scale Structure: distribution of galaxies clusters and their evolution
  • Standard model of cosmic dark matter and energy
  • High Energy Astrophysics: accretion discs, cosmic rays, gamma-ray bursts
  • Modeling active galactic nuclei (AGN) and quasars/
  • Astrophysics of black holes and wormholes
  • Stellar dynamics and gravitational lensing
  • Staff
      Lukash, Vladimir Nikolaevich Prof, Head of Department
      Arkhipova, Natalya Anatolyevna Dr
      Beloborodov, Andrei Mikhailovich Dr (on leave)
      Burdyuzha, Vladimir Vladimirovich Prof
      Chernyakova, Maria Alexandrovna Dr
      Doroshkevich Andrey G.eorgievich Head of Laboratory, Prof, dr.
      Illarionov, Andrei Feodorovich Dr
      Ivanov, Pavel Borisovich Dr
      Kauts, Vladimir Leonidovich Dr
      Komberg, Boris Valentinovich Head of Laboratory, dr,Prof
      Kompaneets, Dmitriy Alexandrovich Dr
      Larchenkova, Tatyana Ivanovna Dr
      Malinovsky, Alexandre Mikhailovich
      Mikheeva, Elena Vladimirovna Dr
      Novikov, Dmitrij Igorevich Dr
      Novikov, Igor Dmitrievich Dr, Prof, Corresponding Member of RAN
      Polishchuk, Rostislav Feofanovich Prof
      Shatskiy, Alexandre Alexandrovich Dr
      Stern, Boris Evgenjevich Dr
      Tikhomirova Yana Yurievna Dr