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Suffa (Uzbekistan)

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PRAO (Pushchino)
The department of send-receiving complexes.

Head of department Kanevsky B.Z.

The department has two laboratories:
  • Receiving systems lab (chief Smirnov A.I.)
  • Synchronization lab (chief Khapin Y.B.)

    The following activities are being held at the department of send-receive complexes of ASC:

    1. The development and design of the high-performing on-board and ground-based complexes for radioastronomic observations in the course of the project “Radioastron”:
  • High-performance on-board radio-complex (VIRK);
  • Ground-based tracking station (TS). These systems are to provide the transmissions of the information from the spacecraft and receiving of the scientific and operational information. The systems are also designed to provide the ballistics support during VLBI measurements with an earth-setellite interferometer.

    2. The development and design of highly sensitive receiving systems operating at a set of wave-lengths bandwidths (λ=90 cm - λ=1.35 cm) for the land-based radiotelescopes equipment in order to execute experimental astronomic observations.

    Also the department is extensively participating in all the experiments in testing of the scientific radioastronomical hardware that are held at ASC.