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RT-70 Radio Astronomical Observatory complex.
The complex of radio astronomical observatory includes:
1. Scientific and industrial buildings and structures on the plateau Suffa.
2. City base, including the laboratory, industrial, commercial and administrative buildings in the city of Tashkent, 250 km from the plateau Suffa.
3. Economic-transit base in the administrative center of the district in the village Zaamin, 50 km from Suffa plateau.

Modern radio observatory – is a complicated antenna-hardware complex with a developed infrastructure. On plateau Suffa are located:
- RT-70 radio telescope mounted on a pylon and equipped with autonomous management and control systems with radiometric equipment;
- Assembly and testing building for the installation and commissioning of special precision radio telescope systems during the construction and operation. In this building also located a remote control system of the radio telescope, the system of registration and processing of scientific information;
- Satellite communication station is capable of transmitting and receiving broadband scientific information, internet, television and communication;
- Residential accommodation for a rotational change of the technical staff of the radio observatory and invited experts;
- Engineering and technical facilities.

The total area of buildings and structures on the plateau Suffa is about 11000 square meters.
The total number of rotational personnel group – 60 people.
On the basis of the city Tashkent will be located the laboratory facilities to configure and debug the equipment, the Observatory administration, garage and workshops. The basic part of rotational personnel group will depart from the city of Tashkent.
Economic-transit base is located in the foothills of the Zaamin village. The village has all necessary infrastructures. This base includes – lounges, warehouses and parking.

The initial project of buildings and structures on plateau Suffa was originally developed in 1985 in the Planning Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences by A. M. Shchusev, but in the adjustment process in 2005, was heavily modified by the same institution.

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