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Suffa (Uzbekistan)

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Moscow Branch
PRAO (Pushchino)
About ASC
The Astro Space Center is conducting fundamental researches in astrophysics including cosmology, structure and evolution of astronomical objects, interstellar and interplanatary medium.

The Astro Space Center is developing new ground and space astronomical systems to study the Universe in different ranges of electromagneric spectrum.

Contact information:
FAX: 7-495-333-2378
Postal address 84/32 Profsoyuznaya st., Moscow, GSP-7, 117997, Russia

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Отчет о результатах обработки интерферометрических наблюдений на базе “Пущино - Радиоастрон” на волне 1.35 см
РСДБ-наблюдения на однобазовом интерферометре “Пущино - Калязин”
4-station ground based VLBI pre-launch test of "Radioastron" recording mode
Comparision Ariadna and Caicif2 delay modeles